Bed and breakfast Cornwall

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Why a bed and breakfast Cornwall?

Tourist love Cornwall because of many reasons. First and most important it has a maritime climate with relatively mild winters. It rarely or never freeze. It’s located at the sea and has more than 1500 houres of sunshine a year. It has a rugged and often unspoilt landscape, of which Bodmin Moor is an important part. So you nature lovers come and book your bed and breakfast Cornwall.

5 Reasons to visit Cornwall

  1. Unique experience: Unlike chain hotels, bed and breakfasts are often owned and operated by locals who have a passion for hospitality and providing a personal touch. This means that you’ll likely have a more intimate experience and get to know the owners on a more personal level. You may also get to experience unique features of the property, such as a garden or a cozy sitting room.
  2. Taste of local history and culture: Cornwall has a rich history, and staying at a bed and breakfast in a historic building can give you a deeper appreciation for the local culture. Many B&Bs are housed in old farmhouses or manor houses that have been restored to their former glory. The owners of the B&B may have a wealth of knowledge about the area’s history, and can give you tips on interesting places to visit.
  3. Personal service: Bed and breakfast owners often go out of their way to make their guests feel at home. They may offer personalized recommendations for local activities and restaurants, or provide extra amenities like homemade breakfast and fresh-baked cookies. Since they typically have a smaller number of rooms to manage, they can give you more individualized attention than a larger hotel.
  4. Great location: Many bed and breakfasts in Cornwall are located in scenic areas, such as on the coast or in the countryside. This means that you’ll be in the perfect position to explore the natural beauty of the region. You may be able to take long walks along the coastline, hike in the countryside, or visit local gardens.
  5. Great value: Bed and breakfasts often offer good value for money compared to other types of accommodation. Many B&Bs include breakfast in the room rate, and may offer other amenities such as free Wi-Fi and parking. Additionally, since they often have a smaller number of rooms, the cost per room can be more affordable than a larger hotel.

Overall, staying at a bed and breakfast in Cornwall can provide a unique and personalized experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and surroundings. Hope to see you soon!